Our Family

We love 30A almost as much as we love our customers!

We started this business because we love the hospitality industry and strive every day to bring great customer service to all visitors. Making your stay in our community as easy and adventurous as you can dream is our number one goal. Beach Life Vacation Company is locally owned and operated and we provide much more than just homes to expand your vacation experience. Even if you choose not to use our services, we will personally answer any questions about the area’s attractions or vendors which you believe would elevate your experience here at our wonderful beaches.

Kitty Feazel, Founder & CEO
Kitty is an absolute power house, starting this journey with several successful businesses under her belt, it was out of a love for the hospitality industry that Beach Life was born. Striving every day to bring great customer service to all guests is of the utmost importance. Kitty takes pride in knowing everyones stay in our community will be as easy and adventurous as possible.  Even if you choose not to use our services, she will do her best to drive you in the right direction and will personally answer any questions you may have about the area.
"Thank you for considering Beach Life Vacation Company as your vacation rental provider." - Kitty

Brittany Sullivan, Chief Operations Officer
Brittany joins the team with over 15 years of industry experience and a serious passion for not only our local community but also in sharing the beauty of our area by creating experiences. After graduating with a Bachelors degree in hospitality management, Brittany started several successful companies of her own while continuing to obtain her Masters in Business Administration. Within less than 2 years, she graduated and found herself stepping in to the corporate world. Whether its a trip to Disney World with her 3 girls, spending the day along 30A, or a last minute trip abroad; No stone is ever left unturned and for our clients, you can expect even more from her for yourself and your guests!
"I can't wait to work with you and help shape a seamless visit for not only you but your guests!" - Brit